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We are a trusted Maryland memorial & monument company serving MD, PA, WV, & VA with hand-crafted headstones, grave markers, monuments & memorials. We offer expert memorialization planning services and monument maintenance, repair and restoration. Visit our showroom Downtown Frederick or contact us to speak to a caring monument specialist about how we can meet your memorialization needs.
Lough Memorials provides a wide selection of upright granite monuments, including individual/single, double monuments, and family monuments in a variety unique shapes and sizes. As a trusted Rock of Ages® dealer, you can trust that our experienced staff will help you choose the perfect, lasting monument.Read More »
Lough Memorials proudly works with organizations, local and state governments, churches and schools to create lasting community projects and veteran memorials. We rely on our experience and quality products to design a perfect memorial that you’ll be proud to display. Contact us if you are interesting in creating a successful civic monument or memorial project.Read More »
Lough Memorials provides custom-made gravestones and grave markers in MD, PA, VA and WV. Our experienced staff can help you choose the best memorial for your needs, ensuring it meets the cemetery’s regulation. We offer a variety of quality grave markers, including flat markers, bevel markers, bronze markers, and ledger markers.Read More »
Lough Memorials specializes in customizing each monument, memorial, marker or headstone to honor your loved one. We have a large selection of headstone designs in our Frederick MD showroom, and can create your desired design for the most personalize tribute using expert etching, engraving, carving, sandblasting, statues, and letter designs.Read More »
The knowledgeable and caring staff at Lough Memorials in Frederick MD will kindly guide you through the process of selecting the perfect cremation urn to memorialize and remember your loved one. We understand how difficult these times can be, and strive to make the process as  stress-free as possible.Read More »
Architecturally designed mausoleums are installed above the ground verses traditional ground burial. A private family mausoleum is a beautiful and enduring way to honor family in a beautiful resting place that provides a private space for visitors. Lough Memorials provides single units, double units and family units that can be customized to your preference and needs.Read More »
You can rely on the quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service that Lough Memorials has provided since 1874. We offer a variety of memorial benches, fountains, and unique granite and stone landscape products to meet the needs of many different memorialization, commemorative, and landscaping projects.Read More »
Lough Memorials takes pride in maintaining and restoring monuments to their original luster. We provide expert maintenance and restoration services to ensure a fitting resting place for your loved one. Headstones, grave markers, and monuments are a beautiful way to honor those we love. Oftentimes, however, they can become damaged, worn or broken.Read More »

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We are a trusted Maryland Memorial & Monument Company. Our Experienced Memorial Professionals will Listen, and Thoughtfully Help you Create the Perfect Memorial to Meet Your Needs.

Our Promise

When you purchase a monument, headstone, grave marker or memorial from Lough Memorials in Frederick Maryland, you are assured of ethical, honest business practices from a company who is committed to it’s industry and monument art. Lough Memorials is a Maryland Memorial & Monument Company with a tradition of excellence in quality and craftsmanship.Read More »

Types of Memorials

Lough Memorials specializes in monuments and memorials of all types including individual, double and family upright monuments, children’s and youth memorials, flat memorials, bevel markers, ledger, mausoleums, signs, community monuments and memorials, and cremation memorials. We can help you decide which is the right choice for your purpose.Read More »

How to Choose

Purchasing a memorial is a major investment of time and money and should be undertaken with great thought and care. The Monument Builders of North America recommends careful and relaxed planning when purchasing a memorial. As a trusted member of MBNA® and a Rock of Ages® dealer, you can rely on Lough Memorials.Read More »

Discounted Inventory

We are proud of the reputation we have built for personalized and professional service in helping families with their memorialization needs. Lough Memorials is your source for  upright monuments, mausoleums, grave markers, civic memorials, and cremation memorials. Check out our photo galleries or stop in our showroom in Frederick, MD.Read More »