Lough Memorials Offers Private Mausoleums & Columbarium in MD, PA, VA & WV

Lough Memorials, in Frederick, MD, is an authorized Rock of Ages® dealer offering private family Mausoleum and Columbarium throughout MD, PA, VA and WV.

Private Mausoleums & Columbarium in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia & West Virginia

Lough Memorials is an Authorized Rock of Ages® dealer offering the highest quality mausoleum and columbarium available.

Mausoluem: Architecturally designed mausoleums are installed above the ground verses traditional ground burial. A private family mausoleum is a beautiful and enduring way to honor family in a beautiful resting place that provides a private space for visitors. Lough Memorials provides single units, double units and family units that can be customized to your preference and needs.

Columbarium: A columbarium is an arrangement of openings, either in a mausoleum, a room, or wall, into which an urn or other worthy vessel is placed for permanent memorial. These openings are typically 12 inches square by 12 inches deep and are called “niches” and are often public storage through a church or public organization. Contact Us to schedule a consultation and learn more how we can help.

Lough Memorials Understands the Importance of Honor & Legacy

Lough Memorials is a trusted mausoleum and columbarium company family-owned and operated since 1874.