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Lough Memorials is a Maryland Monument Company Serving MD, PA, WV, & VA with Hand-Crafted Headstones, Grave Markers, Monuments & Memorials
When you purchase a monument/memorial from Lough Memorials, you are assured of ethical, honest business practices from someone who is committed to his industry and art. The owners at Lough are multi-generational memorialists who have learned the exact art of stone carving from years of experience.Read More »
Types of Memorials
Lough Memorials specializes in monuments and memorials of all types including individual, double and family upright monuments, children’s and youth memorials, flat memorials, bevel markers, ledger, mausoleums, signs, community monuments and memorials, and cremation memorials. Let us help you.Read More »
How to Choose
Purchasing a memorial is a major investment of time and money and should be undertaken with great thought and care. The Monument Builders of North America recommends careful and relaxed planning when purchasing a memorial. As a trusted member of MBNA® and a Rock of Ages® dealer, you can rely on Lough Memorials.Read More »
Carving Options
Lough Memorials can customize each monument, memorial, marker or headstone to honor your loved one. We have a large selection of headstone designs in our Frederick MD showroom, and can personalize your design using expert etching, engraving, carving, sandblasting, statues, and letter designs.Read More »
Cemeteries Served
Lough Memorials, in Frederick, MD, serves cemeteries throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. We serve local cemeteries, nearby Montgomery County, as well as further locations in nearby states. Rely on our experience and knowledge of cemetery regulations to ensure your memorial is in regulation.Read More »

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