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Lough Memorials has been helping  families pay tribute to and remember their loved ones since 1874. We are committed to providing the highest quality headstones and monuments, including single, double, family, slant and civic monuments.Our caring team will respect your wishes during your time of grieving, and offer one-of-a-kind memorials to best honor your loved one. Stop into our memorial showroom in Frederick, MD or contact us today to schedule a consultation.
  • Individual Monuments
  • Double Monuments
  • Family Monuments
  • Infant & Children Monuments
  • Slant Monuments


Types of Memorials

  • Cremation Monuments
  • Pet Monuments
  • Civic Monuments
  • Custom Etching & Carving
  • Monument & Memorial Maintenance


How to Choose

Single Monuments
Individual / Single upright headstones are generally for 1 or 2 persons. The top piece is known as a “tablet” or “die” and the bottom is called a “base”. Lough Memorials offers a variety of traditional and unique single upright monuments that can be customized to best honor your loved one.Single Monument Gallery »
Double Monuments
Lough Memorials provides quality double monuments for families in MD, PA, VA and WV. Double upright headstones are generally for 2 or more people, and are often called companion headstones. Our experienced staff can help you design the perfect unique or traditional double monument.Double Monument Gallery »
Family Monuments
Lough Memorials is your source for family headstones, monuments and memorials throughout MD, PA, VA, and WV. Family upright headstones are usually a minimum of 4’ in length and can be as large as your cemetery lot allows for. Contact us to learn more.Family Memorial Gallery »

Lough Memorials Understands the Importance of Honor & Legacy

Our hand-crafted monuments are built to be a lasting tribute to your loved ones.